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Online safety is not just about hacks and scams—in fact the effects of social media on mental health and other “human” impacts are much more important. People do understand what an important topic this is, but we don’t believe the “print the flyers and hire a hall” approach works. Nor do we want to add yet another website to the many that already exist, unless we can find a way to make it effective. Our operating model is to work in the community, finding partners who can help us reach our audience, and maintain contact through them so that there’s real improvement.

There are special requirements for a web site to support this approach, so we’ve built it ourselves, as we have programming expertise.

The advantage of building a site from scratch (instead of using Wix or SquareSpace) is control. We get the design we want, and we can make sure that it loads quickly. This is especially important as we’re signposting users, rather than providing a lot of our own content, and we want to get them on their way as soon as possible.

Construction time is of course much longer than it would be using a site building tool, but it’s now ready to support our community work, so we’re prototyping our operations and contacting potential partners.


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Date: 25-May-24

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