A. The parent.

Why? Well actually, the worst threats are not really about the tech stuff. What your child needs most is the common sense to avoid people and messages that smell like trouble.

So it's a matter of talking with them about how to be safe. You as a parent can probably do that better than any "expert".

Of course, you'll need to keep an eye on the news and it's a good idea to start building your tech knowledge.

continuing to learn online safety step-by-step

Step By Step

The good news is that you can pick up the information gradually. You don't need to take a course or even read a book.

Your real challenge is to keep going, month after month. That's where we'll try to help.

We can tell you where to find the best information.

We'll also link you to info you can listen to while you're doing something else, travelling to work for example. We've collected human interest stories that also tell you things you need to know. So you don't need to put aside much time to learn.


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